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    Boi Extreme Rules


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    Boi Extreme Rules

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    Playing on our server means you agree to all these Rules, and if they are in fact disobeyed, then the Extreme Staff has all the right in the world to do whatever they deem necessary to your Account and/or Character as a Punishment.

    Rule #1 - No Abuse (ZEN and other type of Abuses)
    >> It's quite obvious, but we do not want players abusing the Systems that we provide. This includes Bug Abuse and ZEN Abuse as well. This means only 1 Account per IP Address/Per Person/Per Household. Failure to follow this very simple rule will get you completely locked out of the game, forever.

    Rule #2 - Respect
    >> We urge you to respect one another and not cause unnecessary drama and/or arguments, especially not publicly through the means of warcry or similar ways. Harassments will be dealt with in a very serious manner. "Treat others the way you want to be treated"
    Harassment of any kind (Especially Sexual harassment) will be treated with either a Permanent Mute of your Character, or a Ban of 2+ Weeks.

    Rule #3 - Language
    >> While we are a national BOI server - meaning everyone can play it - we want to keep the server in a good flow, which means English is the one and only Language fitting for public channels such as World Chat / Warcry. Failure to abide to this rule will ultimately result in a Mute. You can still speak your own native language in private Channels such as PMs, Party, Allychat and Guild.

    Rule #4 - Scamming
    >> Self explanatory - scamming a player is a very harsh and quite frankly dumb thing to do. If a user has evidence that you have scammed him/her, he/she can provide said evidence to the GMs through the Ticket System, and thusly, you shall be punished severely.

    Rule #5 - Profanity
    >> And by Profanity, I mean keep yourself calm at all times. There's absolutely no need to go on about insulting people regardless of what they've done, especially not publicly. Would also like to point out that linking profane materials such as pornography or similar profanities, will get you banned - for life. There are minors playing this game as well, and that should be taken into account at all times.

    Rule #6 - Your Account
    >> By playing BOI-Extreme  you agree that the Owners, Head Admins, Developers and in some cases Game Masters have full right to lock your Account and/or Character out of the Game if you deserve it. We preserve this right dearly, as it will inevitably be used frequently based on RuleBreaking statistics.

    Rule #7 - Advertising
    >> We do not support Advertising of other Games and/or Communities on our Games. Doing this will get you muted. If you still don't listen, the mute will be permanent.

    Rule #8 - Real Life Trading
    >> As this is a Private Server, we do not want you to sell your Accounts/Characters and/or Items/Pets for any reason whatsoever. Doing this will get you banned if you're caught, and characters wiped off the database. Keep in mind that we do check other Forums for 'RLT' Posts as well, and it's easily tracked down who's trying to sell what.

    Rule #9 - Encouragement to Break Rules
    >> You should never, under any circumstances, encourage other players to break the rules. That will backfire on You.

    Rule #10 - No Account Sharing
    >> Do NOT share your Account with other Players. This is not only unsafe but can also make you a target for the ZEN-Abusing Lookup Scripts.

    Finally, keep in mind that the Rules can be changed at any given time, and additional rules can be applied.

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